Bumped – or What do ORs and Airplane Seats Have in Common?

It turns out that operating rooms are as rare a commodity as airplane seats, and they are routinely over-booked to ensure they are filled. Who knew.

The good news is that you typically get bumped because there is someone sicker than you who needs that gurney. That is one preferred list you don’t want to be on.

I was notified late on the Friday afternoon that my Monday morning surgery would not be taking place. I was not pleased. Friends had taken time off work to come with me to the OR, and look after me in recovery. This was a logistical hassle. Sigh. Plus, I really really really wanted that thing out of me.

The delay was only two days, so in the scheme of things, not so bad. And I was promised I would not be bumped again. I went to work Monday & Tuesday, it was a stat holiday on Wednesday, and I’d be at the hospital bright and early on Thursday morning.

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