The Goldilocks Conundrum

I have discovered prune juice. Prune juice is one of nature’s gifts.

Side effect drugs have their own side effects, it turns out. One of the side effects of a drug they give you to manage chemo side effects is constipation. And another drug causes diarrhea. You would think the two would cancel each other out. But no, you have to find that balancing point. Everyone’s body reacts differently, so they warn you about EVERYTHING just to be safe.

A person like me – detail oriented, type A planner – looks at all the information they give you and plans ahead. I didn’t want either too much or too little poop, so I wanted to manage my side effects effectively. It rapidly became apparent that I was going to have to manage the flow of information, not just my bodily movements. (Is it any wonder so many of my posts are about pee?)

When you read the long (oh, so long) list of possible side effects, there is a risk of panic and resignation. It can be overwhelming. So much stuff, so little control. I have tipped near that rabbit hole. Not just once, but several times.

I have to constantly remind myself that my body was in very good shape and worked perfectly well before chemo. Yes, I had cancer (which has now been cut out). But the rest of my body functions just fine, thank you. I have to trust it will do its best to get back to its normal as soon as it possibly can.

Hence my discovery of prune juice. The side effects of the side effects drugs can also be managed with more drugs. My preference is to take as few drugs as possible. I am now taking more drugs than I have ever taken in my life, and if I can manage my side effects through good nutrition choices and natural options like prune juice, I’m going that route. Within 24 hours of drinking one glass of juice, my system reset itself to its normal state.

Happiness. Prune juice does not taste that great – well, nothing tastes that great these days thanks to the metal mouth chemo produces – but it works and it’s not a drug. That’s good enough for me.

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