I’m Shedding

Well, exactly two weeks to the day from my first chemo appointment and my hair started falling out. I am so glad I cut it all off the day after my first chemo session!

It’s bad enough waking up with multiple short hairs all over your pillow. I can’t imagine how sad I’d feel if I still had my long hair and it was coming out in clumps. Ugh.

I feel a bit like the Peanuts character Pig Pen, except in my case instead of a pile of dust and dirt that follows Pig Pen around, I have a cloud of short hair that’s falling out. It comes out in my comb – I got a comb they use for baby hair because it’s soft and gentle on scalps. It comes out when you run your fingers through it. I look down on the bathroom floor and there’s a circle of hair now each morning. Thank goodness for dust busters!

This too shall pass, I know. And it will grow back. But it is disconcerting to watch it fall out. Even when you’re expecting it, when the time finally comes it’s that one extra reality check that yes, indeed, I am going through chemotherapy. Have I mentioned before that chemo sucks?

I said to a friend this morning that I have to come up with some funny lines/jokes about losing my hair this way. For the time being, the humour escapes me. As I’ve said before – ODAAT (one day at a time).

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