Everything’s Coming Up Hair Sprouts All Over!!!!!

It’s the little things in life, they say. And in cancer treatment recovery that is certainly true.

My eyelashes are FINALLY growing back. I have tiny little sprouts of eyelashes growing back on both my upper and lower lids on both eyes. Yay! You need a magnifying mirror to see them, but they are there, and each day they get a tiny bit longer.

Last week a whole section of my right eyebrow fell out. Gone, just like that. Two months after my last chemo treatment, and now my eyebrows started to fall out. Chemo is the gift that keeps on giving. Sigh. BUT, it turns out that it was the start of my new eyebrows pushing the old dead stuff out of the way. Yay! For the first time in almost five months I actually plucked an eyebrow. I will never take that previously resented task for granted again. Having an eyebrow to pluck into shape is such a gift.

And the hair on my head is like a veritable forest. The new hair is so very soft, it’s like petting the finest cashmere goat that’s just been cleaned and combed. It’s been sprouting in patches, but over the past week it’s become quite thick – almost enough to keep my head warm without a hat. Almost. The new stuff is all white so far (the pigmentation was destroyed by chemo), but it should get some colour over the next six months or so as the pigmentation grows back. And we’ll see what texture I get – straight or curly. It is itchy all over as it grows back – and I don’t mind one little bit.

A friend of mine once commented on the radically new haircut of a guy she knew – that it is the best visual indicator of a life change. (She believes guys change their haircut at major life decision points.) It’s an interesting theory. My new haircut – while not a choice – is certainly an indicator of a monumental life change. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, whether I’ll grow it back long like it was before chemotherapy, or if I’ll keep it short and sassy for a while. A lot will depend on what type of hair I get – curly or straight. It will be nice to have enough hair to have options. 🙂

It is the little things in life that make a difference. My sprouting eyelashes are currently rocking my world.

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