When a Bad Hair Day is a Good Thing

My Saturday Boot Camp class starts at 9am. It’s a 10 minute walk to the gym, and since it was cool enough to wear a hat (ok, let’s face it, I don’t have enough hair yet to go out without a hat unless it’s brilliant sunshine and above 10 Celcius) the hat was on before I walked out the door. Off it came when I got to the gym.

And here’s the news – I finally have enough hair to have a bad hair day! Woo Hoo! When the hat came off, it left my hair ‘mussed’. There were two – count ’em, TWO! – tufts of hair out of place. Awesome. Until now, my newly growing hair was neither long enough nor plentiful enough to be disturbed by anything, let alone a hat. Having enough to be askew is a new milestone.

It really has been growing these past two weeks. It seems to come in spurts. I looked at pictures from New Year’s Eve and I am still quite bald – two months after chemo finished. Six weeks later, it’s like a human chia pet up there – about 1 cm long (that’s half an inch) and sprouting all over. When it was growing in, it came in patches – and there were days I despaired of it all growing back. Now, all the bald spots are filling in nicely.

Years ago, when a friend’s two sons were very young, they loved PBJ sandwiches. Their dad told me the secret to the best PBJ – full coverage. That’s crust to crust to crust to crust spread of both the PB and the J. Now I am very happy to report that my hair has full coverage.

Here’s to more bad hair days!

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