The Terrible Twos

My new hair is a couple of months old. It’s currently going through its own version of the terrible twos. It has a mind of its own. It goes every which way it wants and ignores any instruction I may try to give it. And it has a different outlook every day.

Pre chemotherapy, my hair was straight. And I mean dead straight. Very fine, and very straight. No amount of curlers or curling iron would make the curl last, so I never bothered. (This picture is a couple of days pre-chemo in August 2015. I’m holdinFullSizeRender-1g the Halloween cauldron I bought as my barf bucket – I figured they were about to pump a witches brew in me I might as well use a witches cauldron for when it comes out.)

My whole life I’d wanted hair with body – a nice little wave that would give it bounce and thickness. I envied people who had curl and waves in their hair. My hair was straight, it wanted to be straight, it had always been straight and it would always be straight.

Until chemotherapy.

They warn you that when your hair grows back in after chemotherapy, it can be a different colour and a different texture. That’s true on both counts in my case.

My new hair is a totally different colour and instead of straight it’s curly. Seemingly with a vengeance.  Now I have the curly, wavey hair I’d always wanted. And I have no idea what to do with it. I am not complaining. I am very happy to have hair. Period. I don’t care what colour or texture it is. But curly hair is a whole new ballgame. Until recently, it was too short to see what was coming – it looked like a short, straight number one buzz cut. But now there’s enough to see that it’s got a mind of its own.

IMG_2376And for now, at least, it’s decided to be curly. Granted, it’s too short at this point to do much with it. But it’s a totally new thing for me – a curly learning curve. I like it, mostly. It’s certainly low maintenance for now – towel dry and go. Because it’s only a couple of months old, the hair is super soft. There’s lots of it, though – much thicker than before. And the cow lick came back.

I waffle between wanting to grow it back to its pre-chemo length and look and going with a new, chic, trendy pixie cut. Depending on how long the whole wave/curl thing lasts, I may have to revise my plans.

For now, it sticks out wherever and however it wants. And I’m fine with that.


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