There and back again

Last August, when I started chemotherapy, my bike went into hibernation. Most of the time I ride my bike to work, along beautiful, tree-lined dedicated bike routes. It’s about a 15 minute ride to the office, with a couple of reasonable hills along the way. During chemo, I was confident I could get there, but wasn’t sure I’d have the energy to get home on my bike at the end of the day, so most days I drove, and occasionally I walked.

But, chemo and radiation are behind me now. My energy is rebuilding, Spring is here, and the days are getting brighter. I’m back in the pool with my swim buddy, doing a mile twice a week. Plus boot camp, body sculpt and the odd spin class. Riding my bike back and forth to work is the last remaining milestone.

So, yesterday I went down and cleaned up my bike. Wiped off the dust, pumped up the tires, charged up the safety lights and tested the brakes. My swim buddy and I also do boot camp together on Saturday mornings, and we planned to ride to boot camp together. FullSizeRenderI’m happy to say that riding a bike is like riding a bike – it all comes back to you pretty quickly even after eight months off. 🙂 The ride to boot camp was beautiful – and not just because it was a bright, sunny day. My helmet felt different because I have far less hair than I did last July when I last wore it. And the hills were a little tougher than they were last July – that will sort itself out. But the ride home was especially sweet – entirely because I could do it.

There and back again. Treasured for the journey, both physical and mental.

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